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Tonight is the Sleepy Hollow Senior Prom.

Next Saturday is the Sleepy Hollow High School Commencement Exercises.

I can't believe I'm almost out of high school.
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Its late and unfortunately this is the first free moment I've had in a depressingly long time. And its not like I even get to physically play soccer this season.

I still have a few more days to decide, but it looks like I'm going to be a Binghamton Bearcat, class of 09. I also got into Dickinson, Brandeis, Lehigh, Geneseo, Macalester, and Tulane, but a bunch of factors- CHEAP (!!!), good school, legacy, fear of going THAT far away, friends there- are sending me in the Binghamton direction.

And on that note, back to regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for everyone's good wishes, and I'm sending them right back to everyone.
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I don't want to make this long, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm alright. I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes- every little bit helped. I'm walking again, unassissted, although I spend practically every waking moment in physical therapy. I turned 18 on January 15th (hurrah for being legal!), just a few days before I started walking sans crutches. Senior year is taking over my life like you wouldn't belive (and I'm sure the fact that I was out months isn't helping) and I'm still planning on college next year... applications have been sent out and its only a matter of time until I hear from them (dream school: Haverford, but its an incredible reach). Will probably study American History, although I have the attention span of a ferret and will likely change plans zillions of times before I even get to college.

So really, I just wanted to say hello and see how everyone's doing. I've missed fandom like mad, but I doubt I'll be able to get back in at all. S_U- I'm guilty, haven't really been following along, but what I've read seems brilliant. You guys are truly the best.

Drop me a line any time, update me on the major goings-on in your lives. I'll try and update you all every so often. Thanks again for your good wishes...

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This is Lily's sister Madeline.

Lily hasn't been updating because she's in the hospital. On September 11 she was hit by a drunk driver on the highway near our house and airlifted to the nearest hospital; she sustained severe injuries and was in ICU for a few days. Currently Lily is in stable but fragile condition, with numerous broken bones, bruises, some lacerations, and partial blindness in one eye. She won't be home for awhile, unless some miracle happens, and even then most likely won't be taking up her online life again for a long time, if ever.

Lily didn't ask me to update her journal for her, but I thought you should all know. If you have any wishes for her, leave them here or e-mail them to her address,

And please, don't ever let yourself be a drunk driver. It does horrible things to families.
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I'm home.

I actually had the best summer of my life. Will most likely discuss in full detail later, as have been awake for approximately the last 35 hours nonstop, and have showered and changed clothes only once. And am majorly depressed at this moment in time.

I want to go to Georgetown so badly now. But only if Nora, Alyssa, Sara, Sarah, M-dog, Cathy, Arielle, Gaby, Kathi, Nicole, Brian, Mike, Kochev, Indy, Ethan, and Dan are there. Especially Dan...

I think what I really need now is a legitimate shower, a good meal, and a long nap.

However, I have missed you all greatly in my absence. Quick- update me on your summer so far. Post with some sort of Readers' Digest (or longer)-esque summary of your July to bring me up to speed.
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OK. I guess this is my last post until July 30. I'm freaked out and excited and kind of sad all at once...

Talk to everyone again when I get home. I might get a chance to check my email once in awhile, so email me at kissthisx86 [at] yahoo dot com and I'll try and get back to you.

I'll miss everyone like crazy
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First off, let me explain why I'm reading Watership Down- both Greg and Inslee had to read it for English this year and loved it- Greggie swears by it, and wrote a 2-page body paragraph on it for the critical lens on the English Regents (more on that later). So since I generally respect the tastes of Greggie and Ins, I'm reading the almost-500 page book. In addition to Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose for APUS (Jefferson and Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition- 500 pages of history book, not looking too good), We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates for AP Language and Comp (looks good, but tres depressing, also 500 pages), and High Fidelity for fun, because I like Nick Hornby and the movie and I need something fun to read. And I generally like to read a lot, so chances are my summer reading will extend beyond these three. Oh yeah, I also read White Teeth by Zadie Smith before finals. Good but kind of hard to follow, but maybe that was because I had severe ADD while reading it.

So Regents. I TOTALLY KICKED ASS THIS YEAR. I'll try and keep my gloating to a bare minimum, but I'm tres excited. I got a 99 on English, 98 on Global History and Geography, and 95 on Chemistry. I don't know what I got in French and I don't want a preemptive celebration, but French is one of my best and easiest subjects so I think I did well on that. And school-given finals, I got a 93 on Math and an I'm-not-sure-but-probably-pretty-OK on Latin. But yeah, mini wave in celebration of me, I can't stop smiling every time I think about them.

Six Flags (Great Adventure, near the Jersey shore) today was fun. Amusement parks for me are way more of a social thing than a thrill thing, since I am the queen of hating roller coasters and all my friends live for them. So I do the old "wait in line and then 'chicken out'" shtick. But I did go on a few small rides- Spongebob Squarepants 3D ride, rapids ride, ferris wheel, etc etc- and one coaster- the Runaway Train. And no heat exhaustion this year. And we were on time getting back. And I only got mildly sunburned on my chest and part of my back, from my tank top. And a little on my face. But overall I had a fun time, even if the dynamic between me and Abbe and Nick is kind of strange- I think I'm still getting used to the idea that my best friend is dating someone (and I'm not- I'm sure I'm underestimating the importance of the jealousy or whatever factor). Like its weird to be watching movies at your house with a huge group of friends and look over and... yeah. Abbe's a little "occupied". So its a little weird when its just the 3 of us, but its getting more and more normal.

I still have to pack. Wow- I'm leaving the day after tomorrow. Or tomorrow, in a few minutes. That's kind of scary. Almost everyone is either gone or leaving Friday or Saturday-
Abbe, Greg and Helen are going to the beach on Sat
Ins and Anne are already at camp
Graham is leaving tomorrow. Ditto for Bruck
J Tov left right after the language Regents on Tuesday for a foreign exchange program in Spain
D Res is leaving on Sat and is going to Yale with Taylor
Birg and Erica started lifeguarding already
Ganch starts work on Monday, counseloring
Allie and Dani started yesterday at CAP at NYU
Jeff is leaving on Monday (I think) for his summer house in Connecticut
E-Coop leaves on Sat for Germany with her city choir, and then goes straight to Italy for her singing school in Florence
Nick, El Greco, is hanging out and leaving for Greece the end of July to visit family and see the Olympics
Margaret is getting her knee surgery the second week of July
.. and yeah, those are only the ones I know for sure

I think its time for sleep now.
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Without getting into too much detail, my sister became a woman today. The latest of all the women in my family to do so, except for Meg, my cousin who's adopted and didn't reach menarche until 16. Ew.

But anyway, my sister. Gave her the traditional slap- and this time it was for a reason, not just hitting her for fun!

Upon returning home from Nick's house after the French Regents...
Maddie- I got my period this morning during my science assessment
Me- *slaps her*
Maddie- What the **** (expletives not appropriate for 13 year olds :D) was that for?!
Me- Tradition. HA NOW YOU'RE GOING TO GAIN WEIGHT LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. And you'll probably grow only an inch or two more
Maddie- I'll still be around 5'9". I can be a model.
Me- And I can be your ugly hunchbacked sister. Wait, no, it'll be like Cyrano DeBergerac- I'll be the ugly one but a billion times smarter than you.

That's my news for the day. That, and Chem's looking pretty hopeless. I've read all my notes and the entire Barron's Review Book, and sort of looked over the practice tests we did in class. I doubt I'll study any more before tomorrow morning because I a) don't have the willpower b) don't have the attention span c) don't have much else to look over and d) don't care enough. I feel like I've done enough, but I know I can't ever do enough. And the grading scale is such a bitch on Chem, its the worst of all the Regents- you get 5 points off the whole test and get a 91, on one of the Regents. I got 12 off on the last practice we took and got an 82. Its mean and ridiculous and evil evil evil.

Off to go.. "study" that bonding chapter I have no idea what's happening in. And electrochemistry. And thermodynamics. And nuclear chem. And blah blah blah.
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French was eeeeeeeeasy.

Chem, which I am knee-deep in at the moment, will not be easy. I need to get a 90 or above to clinch an A-, and an 85 or above to stay steady at a B+.

The question of the day- gmail: should I go with kissthisx86 or lily.maximus? I am very distraught over this issue.
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